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DigiTool DBI-002
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The DBI-002 is an intergrated flight instrument designed specifically for free balloon operation.  It is now available for use in Head Balloons.

Flight data  visually presented to the operator are:
- Altitude
- Rate of Climb
- Barometric Setting
- Ambient Temperature
- Balloon Envelope Temperature
- Elapsed flight time

Flight Data acoustically presented to the operator are:
- Rate of Climb
- Envelope over temperature warning
- Altitude high warning
- Altitude low warning

Flight data recorded during flight are:
- Barometric setting
- Static pressure (altitude and rate of climb)
- Date and time

At home, the DBI may be connected to a PC for:
- Flight recorder data transfer
- Configuration
- Internal battery charge.

Details for the DBI-002 may be found at:   http://www.digitoolinstruments.com

Head Balloons, Inc. can also install the instrument into other brands of hot air balloons.

Please call us for more details or to arrange for a demo of the DBI-002.