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FLYTEC 3040 

For many years, the superb reliability and quality of our precision instruments have made Flytec one of the leading choices in flight instruments world wide.  The Flytec development team has brought together these traits with start-of-the-art technology and created the 3040 Balloon instrument.  Flytec is proud to be able to improve the safety of ballooning with the wireless envelope temperature sensing functionally of the 3040.  The 3040 has dominated balloon instrumentation in Europe, and with its' recent FCC certification, it is now available to balloonists throughout North America.  Some of the characteristics that have made the 3040 so popular are:

Altitude in feet ·Absolute altitude up to 26,000 ft.  Zero adjustment within weather dependent tolerance (28.00 - 31.30 inHg)
Altitude in meters ·Absolute altitude up to 8,100 m.  Zero adjustment within weather dependent tolerances. (950 - 1,060 hPa)
Barometric pressure correction ·Barometric air pressure correction in inHg or hPa.  
·Setting range - 28.00 - 31.30 inHg (950 - 1,060 hPa)
Display ·5 feet or 1 meter. LCD figure to 5 places.
Visual and acoustic vario display with adjustable sink alarm tone.
Analog ·Range of display: 2000 ft/min (10 m/s) ascent or descent 
·Resolution: 40 ft/min (20 cm/s) over entire range 
·Display: fully automatic LCD pointer with easy to read display segments
Digital ·Range of display: 2000 ft/min (10 m/s) ascent or descent 
·Resolution: 20 ft/min (10 cm/s) 
·Display: 7 segment LCD figures to 3 places
Acoustics ·Sink tone / sink alarm with adjustable response point between -40 ft/min and -2000 ft/min (-0.2 m/s and -10 m/s) 
·Sink tone decreases in pitch with rate of descent 
·Sink tone has two audio levels and can be disabled
Built in receiver for wireless envelope temperature indication
Envelope temperature ·Envelope temperature' with adjustable temperature alarm. 
·Display: 7 segment LCD figures to 4 places in Fahrenheit or Celsius 
68ºF to 311ºF (20ºC to 155ºC) 
·Measurement range: Provision for the automatic recognition of transmission code and manual code 
·Digitally coded receiver and transmitter to eliminate interference and erroneous readings 
·Automatic and manual recognition of transmission code for TT34 temperature transmission
Ambient temperature ·Ambient temperature: internal temperature sensor. 
·Display: 7 segment LCD figures to 4 places in Fahrenheit or Celsius 
·Measurement range: -22ºF to 158ºF (-30ºC to 70ºC) or corresponding values in Fahrenheit.
Temperature alarms ·Alarm 1: Adjustable between +104ºF and envelope never-exceed temperature (or the corresponding values in Celsius).  Alarm can be turned off for approximately 30 seconds. 
·Alarm 2: Factory set threshold based on envelope manufacturers specifications.   Continuous alarm - can not be manually disabled and will reset after envelope temperature falls below threshold temperature
·Real time display in 24 hour format. 
·Stopwatch with start-stop-lap-reset functions
·Low power consumption.  
·Automatic power down when not in use.  
·One 9V primary battery and one backup 9V battery (selectable) 
·Battery life: approximately 50 hours (each battery)
·Specialized clip with elastic Velcro 
·Safety lanyard 
·Optional  mounting bracket available
·Extremely user-friendly with simple and clearly laid out keypad 
·All buttons have a perceptible tactile feel and can be used while wearing gloves.
·Ergonomic and aerodynamic - exclusive design 
·Approximately 6¼" x 3½" x 1½" (170 x 90 x 50 mm) 
·Robust, shock-resistant ABS casing 
·Weather resistant
·12 ounces (350 grams)
·Variometer and altimeter are linearized and temperature compensated 
·Excellent HF shielding 
·Easy to read LCD display characters and segments
Fully automatic HF transmitter ·Microprocessor controlled temperature differential switch ON-OFF function 
·Coded digital frequency transmission - insures accurate and interference free reception
Transmission distance 132 feet (40m)
Battery life ·At least 2 years or 200 operating hours with a 9V alkaline battery 
·Automatic battery monitoring with special visual alarm on the main unit to indicate insufficient power 
Housing ·Robust. shock resistant, heat protected, and envelope friendly round shape
Dimensions ·Approximately 5" x 2¼" x 1¼"    (130 x 60 x 25 mm)
Weight ·4 ounces (130 grams)
Attachment ·By Velcro to the vertical load strap
Temperature sensor ·Unobtrusive, robust sensor ¼" in diameter attached with 8" fire-resistant cable
Sensor failure ·Automatic warning of internal sensor failure or if erroneous readings are detected 
·Audio and visual warning on 3040 if no signal is received from TT34
·3040 balloon instrument 
·TT34 wireless transmitter 
·Attachment clip and elastic Velcro 
·Padded nylon carrying bag 
·Batteries (alkaline) 
·Operation manual and TT34 installation sheet 
·3040 calibration sheet
Wind measurement ·Hand held measurement sensor. 
·Ultra-precise measurement with wind speed sensor on sapphire jeweled bearings.
Range of display ·0 to 75 mph (0 to 120 km/h)
Wind speed sensor ·Light alloy vane wheel, 5/8" diameter
Bearings ·Conical pivot sapphire bearings.
Lowest starting speed ·1mph
·1 year parts and labor 
·One day turnaround time on repairs

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