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Basket & Burner 

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16 Gore: 

24 Gore: 



Color Grids  





The HEAD Balloonsí system has been refined over many years of ballooning experience. Each balloon is individually custom built to your design, utilizing the most rugged materials available today. The HEAD envelope shape is aesthetically pleasing and lends itself well to artwork. HEAD's use of modular design makes for a safer balloon as well as for easy panel replacement, which reduces the cost of repairs. As a result of years of design and use, the HEAD baskets are luxuriously beautiful, strong and durable. And, all of this comfort and beauty does not have to be babied. The baskets are strong enough for commercial work, yet they are light enough for the weekend pilot. HEAD's  DURA-WEAVE and ENDURO-FRAME roll cage basket construction, make the HEAD basket the most durable basket available in the industry today. The HEAD DBII burner system is a redundant burner system built into one housing. The use of multiple orifice technology makes the DBII an efficient, yet quiet burner. 

Hand Crafted, Quality, Ruggedness and Reliability have come to be the trademarks of HEAD Balloons. Since all of our balloons are individually custom crafted, HEAD Balloons can give each customer the type of individual attention that no one else can offer. From the crown line to the skids, high quality materials with attention to details, assure hundreds of safe and dependable flights. 


Introducing the HEAD Lightning 62 - Racing Balloon      

Maintenance - our page discussing balloon maintenance - updated 6-8-2010
                                         - our Maintenance Manual is now available for download on this page

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  Flytec 3040 - Heads Up Flight Instruments1

DigiTool DBI-002 - digital instrument pack

NxKev(tm) Suspension Lines - Kevlar suspension lines without the maintenance headaches !

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta     Oct 1 - 9, 2016


The next  Lorriane Mondial Air Ballons will be July 21 - July 30, 2017 in Chambley, France





A customer recently sent us a photo of his 1993 Head Balloon. 
He wanted us to show everyone that his balloon was still looking great after 20+ years.

             AX8-88     Steve Shope - Mesa, AZ


               Kim Field - Munnsville, NY
         Judy Holt - Phoenix, AZ                                    Martin Booda - Picayune, MS

  HEAD Balloons, Inc.  -  Helen, GA                   David Bristol  -  Sautee, GA     

           Tom Green - Orlando, FL                         Wendell Purvis - Tallahassee, FL 

        Rick Neubauer - Miami, FL                            Paul Dale - East Canton, OH     

          Scott Vesely - McKinney, TX                       
Pat Schmitt - Orlando, FL 

     Jim Lynch - Destin, FL                                    Emelia Bernava  -  Forked River, NJ                                      

  Colin McDonald - Valdosta, GA                     Keith Takach - Albuquerque, NM

Todd Monahan - Glens Falls, NY                      Keith Fear - Albuquerrque, NM                   

Ben Drennan - Navarre, FL                                  Todd Plank / Bob Fisher - Lancaster, PA

Ed McDaniel -Salem, VA                             
Richard Parr - Pittsboro, NC

Barbara & Robert Harrison -Maryville, TN        Jonathan Wright - Albuquerque, NM

Brann Smith & Marie Klemm - Chico, CA        Tom Tomasetti - Raleigh, NC

Earl Miller - Indian Pass, FL                           Ray Boyd - Rutledge, GA

John Hofer - Albuquerque, NM                  Mark Roberson - Orlando, FL

Laurie & Rocky Bailey - Griffin, GA        Bill & Debbie Moran - Montverde, FL 

   Brian Smith - Poughkeepsie, NY                            DJ Stukas - Central, SC

    Bob Wilamoski - Orlando, FL                         Richard Pash - Walford, IA

Wes Pittman - Panama City Beach, FL              Mark Meyer - Westminster, MD

Daryl & Debbie Funkhouser-Strasburg, VA
           Bob Carlton  -  Polk City, FL

Mike Braddock - Tampa, FL                                Milt Smith - Presque Isle, ME

                  Pilatre de Rozier Organization - Chambley Aerodrome   FRANCE

Tom Whelan - Bethlehem, CT                                 Steve Kersten - Ft. Dodge, IA


Rick Bryant - Easton, PA                                     Keith Kohtz - Wayland, MI

l bedford  

Logan Bedford - Franklin, TN                                     Ed York - Tampa, FL

John Herbst - Lexington, KY                                              Ann Kirby - Houston, TX

Jim Roybal - Rhome, TX                                                     Karl Stefan - Austin, TX

  Drew Egerton - Asheville, NC                                        Don Edwards - Albuquerque, NM

Don Bickers - Knoxville, TN                                Rocky & Laurie Bailey - Griffin, GA

Henry & Logan Bedford - Franklin, TN         Robert Chandler - Franklin, TN

Karl Stefan, Jr - Flower Mound, TX          Al Lowenstein - Albuquerque, NM

Steve Sinnen - Shakopee, MN                       Rocky & Laurie Bailey - Griffin, GA

Tim Crowdy - UK                                 Daryl Tatum - Cumming, GA

"PARROT HEAD" - Built for Bill & Becky Thomas - Sautee, GA
The 30 ft. tall scarlet macaw on the balloon is an actual photograph that was digitally
printed onto the balloon fabric. (macaw photo: licensed from  Robert )


Built for Bluewater Balloons - Orlando, FL.   http://www.bluewaterballoons.com