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NXKEV(tm)  Suspension Lines 

Head Balloons, Inc. has received FAA certification for a new type of Kevlar suspension line, much superior to the existing Kevlar rope suspension line that is currently common with other balloon manufacturers.  The Kevlar rope suspension is plenty strong enough to support the weight of your basket, but it is not rugged and durable.  With the existing Kevlar rope suspension line, a kevlar rope is surrounded by another rope made of Dacron.  Kevlar degrades under Ultra Violet light and needs the Dacron covering to protect it from sun light.  While the Kevlar rope section is resistant to quick flashes from your burner, the Dacron covering is not.  There is a constant demand for replacement parts from people who have burnt off the Dacron covering.  HEAD has been offering the Kevlar rope suspension for many years now, but has been in search for a better material.

Working in conjunction with Don Piccard, we have discovered a revolutionary new material, which is far superior than the existing Kevlar/Dacron rope suspension line.  We call it NxKev(tm).

NxKev(tm) suspension lines utilize a 1" Kevlar/Nomex webbing .  To protect the Kevlar webbing from Ultra Violet rays and from your burner the Kevlar webbing is woven with a protective Nomex  covering.  The Kevlar webbing is protected by the same fire-proof material that we use for the scoop and the #1 panel.  No longer will you have to replace a suspension line because you have easily melted off the outer covering.

The 1" NxKev(tm) webbing is 3100 pounds tensile strength.  The ends are folded over and sewn much like the seat belts in your automobile, with a double box X stitch.  The stitching is done with Kevlar thread.

To protect the Kevlar thread from Ultra Violet light, a piece of Nomex fabric is then folded around the webbing and sewn in place.

 The NxKev(tm) suspension lines are connected to the balloon envelope with a small quick link and to the basket with a standard carabiner.  While Nomex is fire-proof, it will burn with a long blast from your burner.  If you do happen to burn the Nomex covering, a repair can be done simply by folding a piece of Nomex fabric around the Kevlar webbing and stitching it in place.  If the damage is extensive, all you have to do is open up the quick link and slip out the old web and insert a new one.
Head Balloons is constantly searching for new products to bring into ballooning to make our balloons more rugged and durable.

Do you want just another balloon, or do you want a balloon that lasts?