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The HEAD "Regent" basket is spacious. The floor measures 42" x 48".  It will easily fit into a van or a pickup truck.  A stretch version is also offered to give you the capability of carrying more passengers comfortably. The stretch basket measures 44" x 54". The basket is woven with strong and resilient 7 mm round reed rattan. The rattan is woven around HEAD's Enduro-Frame tm & Dura-Weave tm, a rollcage framework of 1/4" & 1 " nylon rod and 1 1/4" aluminum tubing. The basket's flowing curves add strength as well as beauty. This combination of materials and design helps to make the basket stronger and more durable, while maintaining its flexibility.  3/4" marine plywood is used for the basket floor. The floor is protected by 2" x 2" skids cut from dense, hardwood to withstand much abrasion. Four easily removable and flexible solid 1" nylon uprights support the burner. The basket and passenger weight is suspended through a network of 1/8" stainless steel aircraft cables. No wrenches are needed to assemble the basket, as the suspension lines connect to the polished stainless steel load frame with carabiners. The design of the uprights and the burner mounting allows for easy, rapid assembly and disassembly. The basket railings are padded with closed cell foam. Luxurious, heavy suede leather is then hand laced over the padding. Foam padded, leather covers are zippered around the uprights. Heavy scuff leather is laced around the bottom edge of the basket. The basket is finished with a high gloss polyurethane varnish. Each basket comes with an accessory pouch, fueling adapter  and the Flytec 3040 Heads Up Flight Instruments.  It features a wireless temperature sensor, a digital altimeter, an analog  and digital verticle speed indicator.  All flight information is displayed on an LCD screen.


The DB II burner system is another of the innovative features of the HEAD Balloon.  While it appears to be a single burner, the DB II burner is really much more. The burner is actually two complete redundant systems all the way up to the coils. Two separate fuel systems feed the two separate blast valves mounted in the polished stainless steel housing. The two blast valves direct fuel into the four 3/8" stainless steel vaporization coils and on into the 8 orifices. The burner is normally flown using one blast valve at a time. Using a single blast valve, the burner produces approximately 10 million BTUs at 100 psi (59oF), 13 million BTUs at 125 psi (70oF) and 15.5 million BTUs at 140 psi (80oF). The second blast valve not only gives you redundancy, with the same power, it also gives the capability for additional burner output.  By using both blast valves at the same time the burner output is increased from 45% to 70% depending upon the fuel pressure.  Multiple orifice technology and the design of the orifices make the DB II burner one of the quietest burners flying. The DB II burner is equipped with two independent vapor pilot lights.  The burner quickly mounts into the gimbal frame by means of two quick pins and has a 360o gimbal with over 45o of tilt. You can easily gimbal the burner and operate both blast valves with one hand. The DB burner, double burner system is also available. The liquid propane lines are 5/16" high pressure hoses.  The balloon system comes standard with four 10 gallon steel fuel tanks. They are powder coat painted for maximum  protection.  15 gallon stainless steel fuel tanks are available, as are 10 gallon aluminum tanks. Hand tightened connectors are used to connect the fuel tanks.